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Elegance and calmness, a beautiful scenery that is unique to “Odaiba.”

Free your mind to the views that change by the hour.
The most luxurious relaxation for yourself and to your significant other.

Room Type


Executive Floor

Executive floors (25th, 26th, 27th and 28th floors), which are the leading floors of Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba.
There is a private lounge for guests staying on the executive floors and suite rooms on the 27th floor.Our staff will assist you to feel the sense of freedom that is unique to the resort space in “Odaiba” to refresh your mind and body.
Our staff will assist you to help you refresh your mind and body.

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Executive Floor Characteristics

Authentic Style

A calm atmosphere with a theme of “Grand Nikko authenticity” unfolds.
We have been developing the functionality and quality of our space since the opening. We have utilized and combined that with a new, modern-day design.
It has an appearance that somewhat suggests class.

Breeze Style

You can spend a light-hearted and calm moment on the breeze style floor with a theme of “Tokyo breeze retreat.”
The morning sun and the sunlight reflected off the surface of the ocean extends into the guest rooms, creating a pleasant space where you can feel the ocean breeze.


Executive floors have Airweave mattress pads.

Just the right amount of resistance and excellent body pressure dispersion bring you a high quality sleep.

Executive Floor Characteristics


Regular floor

Regular floors on 6th to 24th floors have unique rooms including the suites which have an elegant interior design.
The functionality, which is important in business, and the elegance of the resort are harmonized. Please have a pleasant stay at Grand Niko Tokyo Daiba.

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